Interlock Paving Services

Interlocking Paving Services​

Interlocking Paving Services_ by amigos interlock

We offer a wide range of interlocking paving services, repair and restoration of your existing interlock driveway, patio, or pathway.   In addition, we also specialize in structure retaining wall design, and flower bed designs that meet your budget and needs.  When installed correctly, stone pavers can last a very long time with little maintenance throughout the course of life.   At Amigos Interlock Services, we take the time to help you design and create a long-lasting driveway or patio that will add curb appeal your house, charm, and elegance to the rest of your home. Planning on putting your home for sale in today’s competitive market? Let Amigos Interlock Services help you achieve the most home value for your money. Call us today and let’s together build something great!! (905) 215-2100

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Interlocking Walkways by Amigos Interlock

Interlocking Walkways

We will help you design and choose the right pavers to meet your likeness and budget.  We will make the appropriate recommendations based on the topography of your home, and consider how guests will get from your driveway to your front door. When adding a walkway that joins your driveway at the front of the house, the optimal “mouth” is 16 feet so that the car door isn’t too far from the walkway and 12 feet is the minimum standard.

Interlocking Patios by Amigos Interlock

Interlocking Patios

Patios can be designed in a variety of funcional ways.  We can recommend multiple designs depending on the slope of your patio.  When building a patio we consider all four seasons and where you will pile snow in the winter and make sure that we help you choose a paver that can withstand de-icing salts. We also recommend permeable pavers to reduce rainwater runoff and decrease ice accumulation in winter.

Interlocking Driveways by Amigos Interlock

Interlocking Driveways

Without a doubt, the driveway will enhance your home curb appeal and bring out the elegance of your house. Our AIS specialist will assist you in selecting the right pavers for your design and make the necessary recommendations.  Size does matter; the minimum width for a single car driveway is 12 feet. For a double car garage, the is minimum of 20 feet. The minimum length of driveway in order to park a car is 22 feet. Add 22 feet for each additional car you wish to park. If your driveway abuts a wall, slope or garden, add 4 feet to the width so that passengers in the car can comfortably open their doors and exit.

The Advantanges of Interlocking With Stone Pavers

  • There are limitless patterns, colors, textures, shapes, sizes, and designs that can dramatically enhance the beauty your home.
  • Areas finished in interlock have no failure rate, no unsightly cracking or flaking. It wears well and is easy to clean – Mother Nature takes care of that!
  • The pavers flex with the expansion and contraction of the ground.
  • Oil, gas, paint spills or other permanent stain or damage would incur substantial costs to fix with other resurfacing products. With interlock, just remove the stone and replace with a new one. It’s that simple – really!
  • Interlocking stone pavers are a popular alternative or enhancement to landscaping.
  • Permanence and endurance mean that paved areas never need re-paving. They are there for the duration of their lifetime guarantee!
  • Interlocking paving stones are ideal for walkway paving, driveway paving, patio paving and pool deck paving.
  • Increase the value of your home.
  • Durable-will not crack, flake, chip, shrink or expand; they are flexible. driveway multiple color stone desing

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  • Raleigh, NC
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  • Research Triangle Park, NC
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  • Cary, NC
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