Amigos Interlock Services

Amigos Interlock Services (AIS)

Provides a range of new and specialized interlocking paving stone services, including, repair and restoration of your existing driveway, patio, or walkway.  In addition, we also offer stone professional work on steps, structural retaining walls, landscaping design, and garden bed flowers.  We offer our interlock services in the Newmarket area, including, Aurora, Bradford, Markham, Richmond Hills, and, and King.   All of our service work is backed in writing by our five (5) year service warranty. 

We also provide our services to many real estate companies and developers in York Region.   At  AIS, we value every customer and are committed to high quality, value, and integrity. We are proud to offer exceptional results at affordable pricing.  Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation (905) 215-2100


Interlock Pressure Cleaning and Sealing

We will bring all pavers to its original color by applying 4000 PSI pressure wash to existing pavers, using a high grade commercial power washer, we will remove all weeds straight from the root, moss stains, and dirt.  Following this process, we will apply high grade polymeric sand to fill all the gaps, blow any excess from the top,   and gently apply the right consistency of water to create a hard bond between all pavers.  Finally we will apply a coat of techseal™ sealant to give it a gloss wet look that will protect the color from UV rays, and preserve the work for many years to come.

Benefits of Interlocking Your Driveway or Patio

Interlock adds beauty and value to your home, but most importantly, it brings joy and ownership pride to you. Brick pavers last a very long time, and if installed correctly, your maintenance will be very minimum throughout the course of life. A few things are true in life, one them is that you would not trust a mechanic to do a doctor’s job. The same thing is true for professional interlockers.  We have over 20 years of collective experience, and the best people in the field.   All of work is guarantee in writing for one (1) parts and labor.  If you have been thinking about starting that project.  “As seen on MB Daily News and First American News“.  Call us!

Garden Patio

We Recommend Interlocking Pavers

Here are the top 10 reason interlocking pavers are the best option for your driveway or patio: 

  1. Maximum curb appeal and home value
  2. Limitless design options
  3. Durability and rich colors
  4. Drain water and reduce ice
  5. Surface will not spall
  6. Pavers will not crack
  7. Low maintenance
  8. Complements your driveway/patio
  9. Appearances will go from good to great
  10. Wide range of prices to meet your budget 

Our Offices

01. North Carolina

  • Raleigh, NC
  • Durham, NC
  • Chapel Hill, NC
  • Research Triangle Park, NC
  • Apex, NC
  • Cary, NC
  • Rocky Point, NC

02. York County, ON

  • Newmarket, ON
  • Aurora, ON
  • Richmond HIll, ON
  • Vaugh, ON
  • Markham, ON
  • Markham, ON
  • Brandford, ON

03. San Francisco, CA

  • Coming Soon!

“As seen on MB Daily News and First American News 

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